In the months of December 2008 until January 2009 there shall be a gathered exhibition where a group of artists will present their artwork in the Hotel de Koperen hoogte in Zwolle, the Netherlands. The participating artists are not only originated from the region but also from other parts of the Netherlands and Belgium.

The series in this exhibition offer an opportunity for the viewer to explore the ways in which the artists have arranged a extended mixture of sequences that show a variety of works that accent the pictorial and conceptual boundaries of their creativity. These include drawings, wooden sculptures, paintings and jewellery.

Opening on Sunday 7 december. at 15.00 by the alderman of art and culture in Zwolle, Sir H. Kenkhuis.

Lichtmisweg 51
8035 PL Zwolle
(ample parking space available)

The exhibition takes place in the months from the 7th of december untill the 12th of january 2009. Open from 12.00 until 19.00 in the evening.


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